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more wishlist

  • more angry atlas
  • whether it be because he’s threatened, someone he loves is being threatened, someone is being a dick to him, lying, idc. piss him off pls
  • also, having someone he holds dear witness him flipping out and killing/torturing someone
  • something with teen/punk atlas tbh. like him being a flirty overconfident fuck that loves to rebel
  • a combo of these would also be Nice
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  "Well, it seems I’m feckin’ cursed or somethin’.”

  Atlas didn’t like being incarcerated one bit, but at least he was out of the way of those whom he didn’t want to see—- or so he’d thought. But, it seemed fate was all too eager on bringing him even more misery than he initially had anticipated on. And yet he flashed a grin for a second, laughing at the irony of it all. He’d used her, abused her, extracted what he was meant to with nothing but cruel manners and left her for dead; and yet she had to be the one to leave her spirit behind and haunt him. He wasn’t sure how it worked, or if he had failed to do what he should’ve or not, but he assumed the latter was more fitting. He wasn’t up to mysteries, not while he was locked up in here. Not like this. There was rage in his heart, and he dared not stand up from the uncomfortable bed he was assigned. Who knew what she’d brought.

  “—- th’ hell do y’ need?”

   Eyes swiftly scanned her being as well as her behaviours, preparing himself for the worst. For so far he was aware, she didn’t pay visits just for fun, spending her limited time whatever way she needed to. Obligation first, free time later—- if she even had any time left. It wasn’t like he was any sort of familiar with her time schedule or general agenda, but he knew that if he was involved it could never be any good. Whether it be recreational activities— which, most likely, was even worse than business, as it meant the concept of having rules to abide by being erased entirely— or a request, he was impatient. And that could never be any good.


Miles needed a break. Constantly being harassed by the media and other journalists, pressuring him into telling them his misadventures in the asylum. He hated the constant attention and wished his life was back to the way it was before. Quiet. However, there was no way that could happen now. Miles found himself wandering in the forrest behind his apartment complex. It was very nice to be out there, listening to the birds sing and the crunch of his shoes on the underbrush. It felt so nice, it was cold, but it was nice. The journalist zipped up his heavy jacket and took a seat on a fallen log, playing with the twigs on the ground. His aimless staring was disrupted by the sound of cracking twigs behind him. Immediately Miles stood up, trying to see what could of made the noise. Maybe an animal? Deer or fox? Well, he could say he was right about the deer.

Behind the bushes emerged a deer, no man, deer man? Miles stared at it, not exactly sure how to react. The creature didn’t seem like it wanted to hurt Miles, it looked curious and frightened. As it made its way closer, Miles’ heart best faster. His fingers curled against his palm nervously as it sniffed him. “H-hello” Miles muttered, reaching out his hand so it can sniff him better.

  Initially he was a tad shocked at the spontaneous movement of the human, setting a small step back— but recognised it wasn’t intended to scare him, so did not fear to get closer once more, him taking in as much as he could simply by letting in his scent. He did not expect him to speak however, somewhat surprised at the fact he attempted communication; most humans ignored the concept of him still possessing human DNA and him being able to speak any language he’d picked up from the people he’d met and observed. A small smile formed on his lips, azure hues gleaming with excitement. He was open! He didn’t seem to particularly mind his enthusiasm over meeting a creature that wasn’t like him either. That brought him an incredible amount of joy—- even if he couldn’t precisely tell why.

  “Hi there!”,  he spoke softly, leaning his head against his head as an implication to have him pet hi—- gently him rubbing his tiny, velvety horns horns against the rougher skin of Miles’ palm. He wished to question him on his presence in these woods, but he was too busy with inspecting his mannerisms and behaviour, all in response to plainly how Atlas acted around a human that didn’t intend to kill him. He wanted to see if he accepted him before showing any deeper interest. 

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As the older man stepped forward he stepped back nervously. Honestly, he pretty sure he didn’t even join. This place was pretty huge and scary, he just got lost in the fray, “Well uhm…” Delsin couldn’t even look him in the eyes, “Sorry sir,” He figured the best option was to apologize, even though he was uncertain what he had to apologize for. His hand rubbed the back of his neck, shoulders hunched, head bowed slightly, trying his best to look smaller.

“I’m Delsin, sir,”

    "Delsin, hm?” 

  He repeated the name with hesitation, a spark of doubt between the spaces in his words, not sure what or who to believe anymore. Of course, name faking was less frequent, but in these type of situations he wouldn’t be surprised if he participated in such a thing. Ah, he couldn’t do much but accept it. Hands gradually lowered to his side, his gaze never truly diverting from the other. He dared not get closer to him, afraid he might drain the situation of its already little comfort.

  “Tell me—- who was it that let y’ in?”

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wxnand inquired,
  ❝ ✺ ❞

Send me a ✺ for my muse's reaction to yours knocking on their door in the middle of the night

  Usually Atlas didn’t sleep in a room all on his own, but today had been so exhausting that he had to secure him a position where he wouldn’t be disturbed in any way—- resulting in him secluding himself to his room, where he did nothing but lay under sheets for the upcoming few hours. Unfortunately, he had the tendency to have his mind turn against him, and endless string of chaotic thoughts invading his mind while there was nobody to distract him from them, an event that took place way more than he could count.

  Just as he could feel himself drift off, a loud amount of pounding disturbed the haze, shaking him awake as if he’d never been tired in the first place. Slowly he sat up, scanning the room— when he realise it came from the door, he threw the sheets to the side and stepped out of bed, slowly shuffling towards the door only to open it so slightly, inspecting whoever it could be.


  Seeing as he didn’t precisely sleep in the dirt attire he usually carry around, he hid his body behind the frame of the door, light only making its way to illuminate his face and shoulders. At first he didn’t entirely realise the time, but when he finally managed to part lips, the first thing he did was sigh.

  “Is anythin’ wrong, boyo? Or did y’ jus’ wanna join me in bed?”

   He quite preferred the latter, especially as he was too exhausted to process anything proper, and he was fond of company in bed if they knew what the word hygiene meant; and he had a feeling Jack didn’t aim to be dirty. Perhaps that was him having too much faith in people, but he couldn’t help it much. The hygiene of most of his followers was downright awful, and that had him genuinely disgusted by their presence mostly. He opened the door to make more space for Jack in order to have him enter the room more easily.

  “.. Come in.”

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I bet a lot of you must’ve been like “but if Atlas is real, then how did basically everything happen in BioShock”? A good question. I’m finally going to answer it!

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Mun: Armin (or meme king)

Muse: Atlas.

                                                  Six similarities between
                                                         muse and mun
- ♪

  • Perpetual rage about the way the oppressed are treated in this society.
  • Trans & queer as hell (yeehaw)
  • Can show no trace of empathy if we want to.
  • Neither of us have English as our native language!
  • We both like to rebel lmao
  • Not done well in school ( I’m still not doing well in school)

                                                  Six differences between
                                                        muse and mun
- ♫

  • I haven’t been pregnant.
  • I can’t fucking organise anything at all
  • What the hell is physical fighting
  • I don’t have any siblings actually
  • He’s very into your average idea of a relationship & it’s structure meanwhile I feel like 90% of the time I’m romance/sex-repulsed
  • He has a literal army of followers and meanwhile I have like…. 10 friends maybe
I am tagging: wxnand nobody else b/c lazy bye
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   a photoset dedicated to atlas’ beautiful hips/thighs/ass  ouob

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Send me a ✺ for my muse’s reaction to yours knocking on their door in the middle of the night

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  ❝ "Is that supposed to scare me?" ❞

[ darker sentences ] 

   "That fully depends on you, darlin’.  I ain’t th’ type t’ scare fo’
     no reason—- an’ if suddenly me methods don’t appeal t’ what
     y’    expected    anymore,      I    ain’t    precisely   t’    blame.