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silascobb inquired,
  ❝ "People are making apocalypse jokes like there’s no tomorrow." ❞

The Last of Us Sentence Meme

  It took him a few seconds before he realised that was a pun— and only then he could allow himself to let out a small chuckle, immediately him regaining his almost blank, annoyed expression in an attempt to seem less amused by this feeble type of satire. He was picky with what he did and did not like, and felt  ashamed admitting that sometimes.. puns were pretty funny.

   ”Alright, that’s.. that’s jus’ terrible.
                                  —- Where even did y’ hear that?”

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normandyxo inquired,
  ❝ "After all we’ve been through… Everything that I’ve done… It can’t be for nothing." ❞

The Last of Us Sentence Meme

  "Sometimes, lass, things turn out a different way from the ones we even thought were possible.”

  It was plain to hear there was a great amount of disappointment within his voice, the plans he’d made not only failed, but him stripped from his limited pride as well. He understood she shared a great deal of those emotions, as the sentence she’d just strung together was nothing but desperation in the finest of forms. Azure hues shifted from the floor in front of his tired feet to the woman herself, a sorrowful smile hanging on his lips.

   ”An’ there’s li’l we can do ‘bout it.”

  He felt.. bad in a way.Mostly due to the limited ways he could show the other that he intended to comfort them. So, without any hesitation, he stood up and approached her, only to allow her to be embraced by a gentle set of arms. It was brief, but it did not give off the impression that it wasn’t sincere; he cared about her in a way, thus making this much easier.

   ”.. But I’m here if ye need me.”

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Dan pulled away from the other throwing his hands in the air. Trying in vain to get some of the pent up energy out. It didn’t work. With a soft cry of frustration he punched a wall. Could feel the shock up into his shoulder but didn’t mind it this second. He spun back, looking at Atlas with eyes so dark and full of rage they may as well have been abysses to hell rather than windows to a soul.

"I am trying.” He hissed through gritted teeth. “To keep you from seeing shit like that!” He pointed to where he’d just punched the wall. There was not a mark but he was certain Atlas would understand just the same.

"I’m trying, to spare the whole fucking family me like this. Rather me stick around Ace? Risk scaring the kid or hurting you somehow? Well?” He wasn’t even giving the other a chance to answer and he found that he didn’t care much. “Is that what you fucking want?”

It was not as though he’d be gone forever. In fact, if he could find a fight soon it might not be more then an hour or two before he came home. Beaten, knuckles raw and bleeding. But no longer full of anger and confusion and frustration. No longer a danger to this delicate little balance he felt their odd family had finally found. So scared that he was going to drive Atlas away, come home from work and him and the baby both be gone, that Daniel didn’t even have the sense to see how scared he might be making his husband.

He gasped when Dan finally did snap, even if this was predictable—- it being something he should have seen coming, but it did not fail to shock him. Taking a step back, he scanned Dan’s being, taking in every word with a hint of fear in his heart. He knew this wasn’t aimed at him, but aggression coming from those whom he considered in a powerful position regarding his feelings terrifying. He understood his point completely, even if he would never be able to hate him ,even if there did end up being an accident regarding his anger.

  “I get what you’re tryin’ t’ say. I really do, but what do ye s’pose is an alternative? And even if ye find one, why is it wrong t’ tell me what’s botherin’ you? I jus’—-” He paused, swallowing hard, having difficulty with words, “— wanna help ye in any way? If y’ find somethin’ different is th’ best to help you out all of these emotions, sure, but I ain’t gonna give up on tryin’ to help ye if I can.” 

  With a sad look he gazed at the floor in front of him, arms crossing over his chest with difficulty. He wanted nothing but to help, and it was greeted but such a great amount of aggression that he could barely even process the concept of his usual methods of handling not working. I don’t wanna feel useless when I could’ve played a better part in somethin’.” His voice was barely a whipser, trembling hands dragging down his exhausted face as he could feel a certain amount of disgust swell in his chest. “.. ‘cause I’ve been nothin’ but just that. I wanna rectify it.”

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munday ft. octo’s hands/neck

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  ❝ "I believe that everything happens for a reason." ❞

The Last of Us Sentence Meme

  "That’s a pretty confident belief then.”

  Not one he himself necessarily believed in, but he knew theories such as that one were the very basics of coping to someone— so he would further keep his mouth shut on the topic. With a sympathetic look in his eyes, he gazed at the young boy, a small smile tugging at the corners of his mouth. He had to admit, being young most likely really had your view on life be different as compared to people of his age—- where one more often doubted their identities and sense of self, something he’d been doubting his entire life. 

   ”—- Quite admirable if ye ask me.”

 Arms wrapped themselves over his chest, the smile from before morphing into something much like a smirk, setting a few steps closer to the other’s being as he realised that in fact, there was much more to this statement than he’d initially thought. An explanation. It made everything more bearable, a concept he couldn’t ever come to agree with himself.

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The Last of Us Sentence Meme

  • After all we’ve been through… Everything that I’ve done… It can’t be for nothing.
  • Am I ever getting boobs or what?
  • Bakers trade bread recipes on a knead-to-know basis.
  • By the looks of it, you could lose some of that food.
  • Do I need to remind you what is out there?
  • Everyone I have cared for has either died or left me.
  • How the hell would he even walk around with that thing?
  • I believe that everything happens for a reason.
  • I don’t ever want to see your goddamn face again.
  • I guess no matter how hard you try, you can’t escape your past.
  • I shot the hell out of that guy, huh?
  • I’ll cut to the chase: I need a car.
  • I’m just saying, I’m glad you’re on my side.
  • I’ve struggled a long time with surviving, but no matter what you have to find something to fight for.
  • It’s the normal people that scare me.
  • Maybe they all turned into fucking monkies.
  • Now get the fuck out of my town.
  • People are making apocalypse jokes like there’s no tomorrow.
  • Please, don’t go. I’ll be so miserable without you.
  • What did the mermaid wear to her math class?
  • Why didn’t you just hang back like I told you to?
  • You sacrifice the few to save the many.
  • You’re lucky you’re still drawing breath!
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Anonymous inquired,
  ❝ What would you do if your parents isolated you inside of your own home? Telling you that you can't go to someone's house and they can't come to yours? ❞

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school  or  job, anything-  and  my muse  will give you advice.

   If ye can assure yerself that you’re gonna have a place t’ stay, are able to eat ‘n’ fulfill yer basic needs I would run away. This behaviour is very horrible an’ I’m very familiar with it, but there’s li’l  you can do unless ye’re prepared to sacrifice somethin’ fo’ it, unfortunately.”

  He himself had experienced a great deal of restrictions and abuse, and thinking back to it made him shiver; but anything for a young person in need. Especially as he knew how hard it was to be alone and stuck in a situation much alike that one.

   ”Do ye have friends that can keep y’ fo’ as long as ye need shelter? Do ye have all yer belongings? ‘cause if so, take your chance—- ye deserve so much better than the tratment ye’re currently receivin’. No matter how much of a brat y’ might seem t’ yer parents, they in no way should be allowed t’limit yer social life like that.”

   ”So punch ‘em in th’ face ‘n’ say goodbye. Rub it in their faces. Make ‘em regret it.
                All ‘cause o’ this.”

fun munday story

my mom once had a fight via text w my dad so she had ?? p intense texts between them but. she accidentally sent this very angry text to my grandma. five times. my grandma got five angry texts that were meant for my dad. imagine an old grandmother who has trouble with using a phone sweating to figure out where it is and finding out what was in those damn texts

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Anonymous inquired,
  ❝ Atlas? I'm super unhappy where I am. But I have no funds to leave and even if I did there's no promise that I'll get a better job then I have and what I have doesn't pay enough to support myself....... what do I do? ❞

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school  or  job, anything-  and  my muse  will give you advice.

  "Ah, that’s a very nasty position t’ be in. If I could, I would’ve tried to bring ye food, but as it seems it’s an illogical solution to even consider.”

  This was a position he’d been in for a very long time, the familiarity of not knowing where to go; a perpetual feeling of being stuck in an financial roller coaster was absolute hell. He wasn’t sure how to help others who were currently experiencing that much though, as he could not offer the little he could think of.

  “But, please do remember that yer worth ain’t dependent on th’ money ye make. I’m sure you’re a wonderful person with amazin’ talents, ‘n’ th’ fact this economy forced you t’ be in a position where y’ ain’t even able t’ afford food is terrible. I hope things get better soon fo’ ye.”

  They were nothing but words, but what else could he offer? Kindness, affection, a certain preference toward one’s needs, not much else.  “I know it seems hopeless, but I can assure you it’ll be okay. Eventually. An’ you’ll be happy ‘n’ glad you listened t’ me, ‘cause otherwise no such happiness would’ve ever existed in yer life.” He showed a smile, one as bright as possible—- praying it’d help the other even slightly. There must have been a reason they came to him specifically, so he would try his best to make them comfortable and content. Even if only for a moment.

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