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   “So—have you figured out a place for us to go?”

( because if he had to be in Kyrat much longer he might
actually lose his mind—he craved different places, wanted
to travel and to see Atlas’ face light up as he saw new people
and cultures. Pagan had just allowed him to use the computer
to check for a destination, gave him a few days to figure it out. )

  “Not yet I fear-—— I’m… indecisive when it comes t’ spendin’ on
   somethin’  as expensive  as any holiday of sorts in case I ain’t
   that impressed; though that is unlikely.”

  Growing  up with  the idea  that  holidays  were of  no use  and only
  wasted the little money his family had,    he had a hard time dealing
  with  coming  to  accept  circumstances  were  no  longer  the same
  as they were before; he wasn’t that poor hard working boy anymore
  and it was something difficult to process.

  “It’s why fo’ these things I let others decide fo’ me more often
   than not.”

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wxnand inquired,
  ❝ (( Your Atlas is magnificent!! He feels natural and you really do him justice especially with your writing style. You put really unique twists to him too, which I l o v e )) ❞

How am I doing with my character? Tell me in the askbox, and I'll publish it without comment.
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How am I doing with my character? Tell me in the askbox, and I’ll publish it without comment.

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John Keats, “Endymion”

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     Letting out a breath he didn’t know he was holding, Jack put his own hand on top of Atlas’. Worry crossed the young man’s features — he was scared as well. Neither of them needed any more hurt than they’ve already been through. But Jack was determined to make things work, to be there for Atlas and to take care of him no matter what happened. There have been twins who were born perfectly healthy. It won’t be easy—— but I’ll help you get through it.

     He spoke with confidence; certainty that was characteristic to Jack. The brunet was set on reassuring the other that everything would be fine. (And even if it wouldn’t, he would still be there with him.) To show that he meant every word, he returned to the task of pressing soft kisses to his lover’s skin—— along his jaw, his cheeks, his forehead… ——and when they’re finally here, it’ll be all worth it.

  A relieved sigh passed the Irishman’s lips, always fed with confidence and pride by Jack, no matter what was going on or what fear he had to face, him somehow managing to pull the right strings in order to get him back on his feet for at least a small while. It was an unique ability only he possessed, and he took in the affection he got by making a noise expressing obvious pleasure, one much alike feline purring; yet at the same time nothing being the same. “I dunno how I got ye, but I sure am lucky. That I know fo’ sure.”

  There was something so unsettling about death and failure all of a sudden, while down in Rapture it was one of the most prominent events in one’s life if they hadn’t locked themselves up somewhere with a lot of rations. As if fate wanted to drag him back into reality, he could feel sudden movement come from the child— or possible children he carried, him so carefully tangling his fingers between Jack’s and holding them tightly in that very position.

 ”.. Do ye feel that too?”

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Dan raised an eyebrow. Atlas was a conundrum. But not one that he cared about spending too much time unraveling. One week. That’s all they had. He needed to push aside his curiosity about the person he’d latched onto and instead make the most of their short time.

With a grin the taller boy started off at a run, dragging the other behind him. They needed to get to the theater was all. As this time of day no one should be around. He could take Atlas to the catwalks to see his perch. And into the attic where he’d found a hidden corner which, though if it rained would be miserable considering the hole, had a view of the sky. There wasn’t much to Daniel’s world. It boiled down to the clothes on his back, a small wooden box of memorabilia and a suitcase for everything else. But there was a theater. And that was worth showing off.

"If we run into anyone you’re thinking of auditioning, got it?"

 Oh so carefully Atlas followed Dan’s footsteps, the mixture of emotions that  chaotically twisted his heart making it nearly impossible to think. There was an amount of adrenaline that motivated him run, not sure where, how or why—- but he had to, there was no other choice. Was it joy he felt? Was it relief? He wished there was a clear answer, but there was no such thing right now, and it appeared there never would be. Except for the fact that there was no doubt he had to go. He nodded to Dan’s words, in the haze of it all him unable to give a proper answer.

  He might not be as trustworthy as he’d hoped for, but that made it all a little bit more exciting. He liked these type of boys especially, perhaps him doing this to himself by always associating with those he really shouldn’t, of whom he knew would eventually break him and cut ties with the shards of who he was. But he couldn’t stop it, it made him feel special for a while, a feeling he hadn’t had since he was six years old. He wanted to be more than he was.

  “I will.”

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Send my muse prying asks about anything and everything… please?

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atlas’ singing voice = young thom yorke tbh.

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